Winery Tomac

Jastrebarsko, 2020.


The building is an extremely demanding construction in terms of architectural design. It consists of a buried basement, a ground floor and a wooden roof structure of a specific shape with a gallery in the attic. The basement and ground floor are made of reinforced concrete construction with a span of 10 m, as external walls, brick blocks filled with stone wool are provided as finishing material. A wooden structure with 5-6 m consoles and an external visual membrane in the form of cross columns is planned for the construction of the ground floor in a span of 10 m. On such a structure, a wooden construction is connected to the exit to the observation deck (roof). The roof surfaces are made of straw.

Medora Auri

Podgora, 2016-2018.

The project is divided into two separate phases, the reconstruction of the Agava, Oliva, Mimoza and Caluna outbuildings in the first phase, and the reconstruction of the Minerva Hotel and the removal of the Mediteran Hotel in the second phase. The gross floor area of ​​the first phase is about 6,000 m2, while the reconstruction area of ​​the second phase is about 20,000 m2. The floor plan of the Minerva hotel extends through 15 floors, which are partially buried in the ground up to the ground floor. The building was reconstructed in accordance with architectural requirements, with partially existing documentation in the zone of high seismicity.


Residential and commercial building Knežija,

Investor: private (Domograd d.o.o.), year: 2016,

Type of activity: conceptual, main, executive, supervision

The object is an independent commercial and residential building located at Tina Ujevića Street 17, Zagreb; k.č. 5124, registered office Cherry tree. The total gross floor area of ​​the building is about 17,000 m2. The building consists of two basement floors, a ground floor and five above-ground residential floors. The floor plan of the building in the underground and above-ground floors is regular, with rectangular floor plan dimensions. The dimensions of the building in the underground floors and the ground floor are about 75 x 35.5 m, while the above-ground floors are divided into two free-standing separate buildings that continue from the ground floor with dimensions of 75 x 11.8 m.

The basic load-bearing vertical structural system of the building consists of reinforced concrete longitudinal and transverse walls in combination with four reinforced concrete cores of staircases and elevators symmetrically placed in relation to the floor plan, which descend to the base plate in combination with columns that are interconnected by beams and thus form reinforced concrete frames.

The external basement walls are designed as watertight concrete VDP 2. The calculation of the basement walls was carried out on the effects of the lateral pressure of the embankment around the walls and on the effects of reactive loads on the base plate where individual reinforced concrete basement walls act as high wall supports.

Boutique Hotel Esplanade

Extremely complex reconstruction, extension and upgrading of existing hotel facilities. Part of the hotel has already been reconstructed on several occasions and is protected as a cultural monument.

Parts of the building are being completely removed, part is being renovated and upgraded, part is new. The dynamics of design and execution are very demanding due to the season before which the works need to be completed.